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Carving a canyon road is a car enthusiasts favorite past time. Whether it is a bend on your local street or a full blown mountain road, people who enjoy these cars get antsy at the thought of putting the pedal to the metal. That is exactly what we did when we hit Glendora Mountain Road in our F80 M3 and F90 M5.

These cars seemed to be in their natural element as they were hitting the corners and switchbacks with some speed. Only through corners like these are you able to see the cars true capability. Considering all of the roads are near empty right now, it only made sense to go out for a drive.

The weather was perfect, low 50's and cloudy, and the roads were dry. Just what a turbo car needs to hit its peak performance.

The F80 was the lead car heading up the mountain and once we had hit the fork, it was time to make the swap and make the F80 the chase car. Turning corners in the F90 put you in your seat. Even though it is a heavy car, it was really pulling some serious G's.

The F80, rear wheel drive, made for some fun by mashing the throttle out of a corner and hitting a clean power slide whereas the F90, all wheel drive, stayed planted for the majority of the trip. Both of these cars are extremely fun in their own unique ways.

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Neighborhood road.

The speed limit is 55 MPH, and the fun is to set the cruise control at 55 MPH and drive so smoothly that DSC does not disable cruise control.


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