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Hi everyone Im new to the forums, so please excuse any mistakes I may make but I have encountered an issue with my F83 M4 I am getting the code P0206 which then throws the car into limp mode saying Drivetrain Malfunction, the code related this
P0206 BMW Possible Causes
Faulty fuel injector 6
Fuel Injector 6 harness is open or shorted
Fuel injector 6 circuit poor electrical connection
I know its not the Injector because I replaced it with a brand new one thinking this was the issue but then it persisted again and then I put all new coilpacks and Sparkplugs and properly gapped them as well so I know this is not the issue. Im not sure what this could be, maybe a bad ground or bad pin in the injector plug, Im not sure, I cleared the code and then boom like magic the car preforms no problems and pulls like hell, it doesnt do this at any particular moment or underload or anything, seems sorta just random, when I had it happen today it was random, and the car began to misfire very badly and threw drivetrain malfunction. Has anyone else experienced a similar issue to this?
My cars mods are VRSF Top Mount intercooler, VRSF Downpipes, Secondary cat delete, NGK SILZKBR8D8S gapped to 0.022 as per recommendation from the Tuner, I am running Bootmod3 STAGE 2 AGG. Any help would be greatly appreciated everyone, Im coming from all NA Ms so this is a little of a new world for me with this platform. Thankyou!
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