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Hi there,

I'm absolutely new to this forum and also to coding/flashing via E-Sys in general.
Just as a short introduction: I bought a damaged F87 (03/2018) and did rebuild it. Only thing missing for the moment is a working headlight.

So the headlight was damaged and I sourced a used headlight and control-unit (different sources).
Comparing the ECUs, it seems like the one I bought (used) is different in terms of Part number, HWEL and even pinout. Not sure if I bought a totally wrong FLE module, but at least I want to understand if I did something totally wrong.

If you want to skip - just check the attachment, maybe this is already enough.

So what I did - installing E-Sys and a set of fresh psdzdata (full), using an ENET cable to connect. Everything fine so far..
  1. Read, activate, save FA
  2. Read SVT from VCM (also tried ECU)
  3. Checked I-Level in advance using ista (I-Step Factory: F020-17-11-540, I-Step Current: F020-17-11-540)
  4. Selected "complete flash", selected respective I levels
  5. Read all coding data, safed all CAF files
  6. Selected replaced ECU, clicked on "detect caf..."
  7. Right click on ECU -> Code
So after that, the coding wasn't sucessfull. Received something like "service wdbi_plain returned a negative response".
And no - I didn't touch VO and this is no "retrofit" - so the car actually had this setup from factory.

Going more advanced, really working on the TAL (and yes, I read the whole E-Sys manual).
Based on the I-Level calculation, I can see that there's also an HWEL Ist and HWEL Soll record.

As far as I understood some forum posts based on my search, this might have several issues:
- Wrong ECU
- Wrong I-Level (I need to identify the I-Level from the donor car?)

Is this right so far, anyone can give me directly the answer based on the attached picture? If so, what values to check for when trying to find a used module. Part number doesn't seem to be the right source since even the ETK is not showing the part number that was initially installed on the car. Is the HWEL the value I need to look for?

Any advise welcome - the headlight is the only item restricting me from driving the car :mad:

Best regards

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