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UDISCLAIMER: I did this under my own experience without following any DIY's. not taking any responsibilities for what "could/might" happen with yours, but this is a step by step of what I did, and it came out trouble free. Good Luck!

Here's a quick DIY for how to take apart our headlights (yes it can be done). Maybe your wanting to fix your adjuster with ease, a crack on the case instead of buying a new headlight, or maybe you want to french your headlights like I did.

Oven/Heat gun
Silicone Adhesive for putting back together
Small Flathead Screw Driver

Its fairly simple, and don't be afraid to use some muscle and pull the case apart, as its held pretty good. So without further due, here it goes:

1) Remove your headlights from Car. I didn't take a picture of this but its self explanatory. If you really need to have a picture the headlight adjuster DIY has it (4 bolts, you cant miss them. 2 on top 2 on bottom)

2) Once headlight is out place the headlight on your working space. STUDY THE HEADLIGHT. Look to see where all the tabs are just so you know come removal time. You will see this rubber piece that goes around the trim of the headlight. Its held by a few tabs, very easy to remove

3) Upon removal, you will see a a rubber piece with tiny holes in it that's held in by 5 plastic tabs. (4 up top, 1 at the bottom/end) Simply pull the rubber around the top plastic tabs and off they come

4) Flip the headlights around, and you will see a plastic trim piece hugging the bottom of your headlight. You can see it has a "Fit" for it so you really cant put it in wrong and its held by a clip on each side which you simply push as you pull out.

5) Now comes the final steps before heading up headlight. On the back of your headlights, you will see (I believe 4) rubber nipples that are used air/water prevention.

As soon as you pull those out, you will see a mesh piece inside it

Pull ALL 4 of those out, keep them together and put them aside

6) On the corner, there are 2 small screws holding in the edges and are screwed into the silicone itself. I used a small Allen tool and it comes out with ease. DON'T LOOSE THEM as they are small.

Once your done

7) NOW THE FUN PART. The pictures on this part were limited because I was too busy worrying if I would mess up, but its cake. I used an oven because I let someone use my heat gun and now that I did it, I don't know if I would use a heat gun, just because the oven melts the silicone evenly at the same time.

Set your oven to 210 for 15 minutes for everything to heat up inside

After its ready, place good size piece of aluminum foil so when you put your headlights in, nothing touches the racks or anything. Its strictly stays on the aluminum foil.


8) Remember when I said STUDY THE HEADLIGHT FOR TABS... well this is where it comes useful. So pull out your headlights, and begin to pop/hold the tabs up and separate the casing from the plastic. I used a Flathead screw driver in most parts to help with separation. Don't go gentle on this, as I said its pretty firm and you shouldn't have to worry about damaging anything ( Just don't break tabs off yanking them)

9) After pulling the top apart slightly, I noticed the temps cooled off and it became harder so back into the oven they went for 3-5 MINUTES. THIS HELPED THE MOST!

10) Take them back out, and now that things are somewhat separated and glue is warm and soft again, I grabbed a hold of the edge of the headlight (where turn signal is) and just PULLED APART! Came off with ease. Clean up the silicone, and you have

That's it! your done. Do what you initially planned and put back together (see below)

Mine being the "French" look, I continued on as-so.

I went to a local craft store (Micheal's) and got some Window "Transparent" spray.. Transparent being key word here so light can go through

Top looks gold-ish, but once sprayed it has more of a yellow hue to it.

Mask the edge's off and spray away. Note: Careful when you mask it. The tape will pull off the reflection coat on your surrounding lights, so make sure you tape to plastic trim pieces around the headlight

If your spraying, make sure to pull over the high beam cover, and get that as well, otherwise you will just have the inside sprayed and nothing around the edging on top and bottom


Cut the tip into a fine piece where it wont ooze out in big quantities. just go around and put a "LIGHT" amount inside the edges, and your old silicone will still be used and you dont want it all overflowing.

12) After your done placing the silicone in the edges, place the headlights back into the oven for 3-5 minutes, and let everything heat back up again. ( I put the case inside it too, next to the headlight, just so the edging of the case can get hot and slide in easier)

13) Bring it back outside and firmly press everything back together, make sure the tabs click over the piece, and WALLA! YOUR DONE!!!!

14) Put the 2 Edge Screws back in along with the rubber nipples, the trimmings and back on the car it goes. Repeat for second headlight




Being the first time, it took me about 45-1hr for first headlight, 20-30mins second. Once you know how it all comes apart, the second light its a breeze!

If you need anymore help or questions, feel free to ask or PM me and I'll help as much as I can!

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