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Okay, so my car is brand new and I have not removed the sticker near the top driver's side windshield yet. I was going to the other day and read the extra fine print on it about how I cannot put non-BMW suspension components etc. on the car or use unauthorized parts without warranty issues. No big deal there, no surprises either...until i read further!

It says clearly that the use of non-approved radar detectors and cell phones will void my warranty. Umm...WTF? That cannot be correct, it doesn't say I cannot connect them with the USB or 12V port, it says "the use of unapproved devices in this vehicle".

Do I ignore it, peel the sticker off and stop worrying? Or do I need to get a list of all the cell phones my friends and family who may at some time ride in my car and take the list to the dealer and see which people have to turn their phones off before entering?

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