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faint scrapes, white paint on my bumper

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apparently last night when i was parked, someone bumped my bumper trying to parallel park behind me. as it stands i have faint scratches (more like black scuff marks) and a scuff mark of white paint and a big ass (probably like half an inch, but pretty deep) gash on my rear bumper. what can i do to remove the scratches and paint? i think the gash is going to have to just be there (too deep for touch up). ugh, i guess i'm done parking on the street. :mad:
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I saw some clueless hausfrau doing a bumper-car parallel parking job the other day. Made me feel nauseous. Back and forth, back and forth, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK, SMACK.

worst part is, the spaces i park at are HUGE and beyond that there are like 2 feet in between them. it's ridiculous that someone would hit my car trying to park in these spaces...
I witnessed one driver literally take 10 minutes to pull into a 20 ft. long parking space today. :dunno: :dunno: :dunno:

I saw this woman trying to parallel, readjusting her car like 20 times, holding up traffic in the right lane. What a loser. And the worst thing is that the space was SO big that she could have just pulled into going straight not even having to parallel. Go figure.:dunno:
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