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Fair price for a 98 m3 sedan?

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Is 5950.00 USD a good price on a 98 M3 sedan? Looking at possible picking one up.
- 120k
- 5 speed
- sedan
- has maintanance records
- Appears to have replaced/updated cooling system
- pretty clean inside and out
- no noticeable mods
- had minor rear end accident which was fixed, but it gives the car a salvage title for some reason.

Thanks in advance.

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Read the sticky titled "Buying an E36?". Well answer many of your questions.
I've read the sticky years before when buying my 328is. Just wondering if the price is decent or if I should look elsewhere.

Thanks though.
Salvage title makes it an OK deal. I would at least go drive it.
I drove it. Seemed fine. Felt different from my 97 328is though. But then again, this ones a sedan.

I did a visual inspection and everything seems in alum. thermostat housing, water pump looks pretty new, radiator looks newer, hoses look good, no appearent mods outside of a stereo....

Though, it wasn't too much faster than my 328is?!?
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Price is totally dependent on the wreck. Cars don't get a salvage title for no reason, and salvage seems to confuse a lot of people. All it means is the damage cost more to fix than the car was worth, so the insurer paid out the value of the car and left the owner to deal with fixing. So, when it was salvaged is of paramount importance. If it was wrecked and salvaged a year after purchase, it was an enormous wreck and I wouldn't buy it at any price. If it happened last week it probably wasn't too bad and as long as it was repaired well you're fine.

See if they have pictures of the wreck and any insurance paperwork. That should help some.

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It was hit about 2000 miles ago. But thats a great idea...I'll see if he has the insurance papers regarding the wreck.
He's kept very good records of the maintanence and seems to have done all the usual problem areas already.
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Looking at the pictures of the wreck, the only thing replaced was the rear lower diffuser. still has the same bumper, so I'm guessing it wasn't too hard of hit?!?
What would I be looking for underneath to verify no important structural damage occurred?
Great ideas!
I found out the guy selling it has a dealer license and buys/sells cars alot.
I'll see if he'll let me look over the insurance papers.

The guy says he had it inspected by BMW and everything came back great.

There's definitely no M3's with this mileage and condition available on CL around here...especially ones that have had the cooling system done and with maintenance records.
Well, the seller dropped the price considerably and thru in some extras. But right before I went down to buy it, another buyer allegedly came along and paid full price for it.
Oh well. Wasn't meant to be I guess.
Sounds like a push-off.. :dunno:

Thats what happens when a well informed buyer approaches a
seller trying to pull a fast one. :D

I think you just dodged a bullet personally.. :violent:

Dont be discouraged.. just find yourself a clean E36... then go from there.

As a backup, I do still have my 97 328is. But its not really a daily driver nor suited for road trips....sits too low and is way too stiff ;)
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LOL! The short list:
- uncomfortable for 400 plus mile road trips (the accumulation of my injuries adds up and becomes appearant after about a 100 miles) ;)
- BBS style 5's on a lowered car with stiff suspension and 45's == bent wheel when hitting pot holes at 90mph on I15.
- 3 inches of ground clearance between the road and frame rail makes driving across country very stressful...especially in counties with ****ty roads and or 'tarded civil engineers that can't figure out that square edged bumps in the freeway are a bad idea! LOL!
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This chick sez she can help you.

Yeah its amazing how the body can accumulate injuries.
and Id rather have the germans in charge of our FWY's..
The USA just doesnt get it.
LOL! I definitely NEED her help! I think she'll fix all my woes... :p
I don't know whats wrong with the dip****s building our highways.....a degree in common sense would help our engineers greatly I think.
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