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Hey all!

On Thursday, the old lady was driving through a heavy rain with area flooding when the car stalled on the highway. Luckily, she pulled over and was able to start the car and get home.

Well, today is Sunday and the weather has been dry since. I was driving the car home when the car stalled again, luckily just as I pulled into my neighborhood. However, unluckily, the car did NOT start.

After my neighbors helped push my car into the garage, I let the car sit for awhile and think about what it just did to me :tsk:. I then proceeded to pull the fault codes, but something strange happened. When I turned the key to Ignition On, the Check Engine Light started to blink in coordination with a very rapid ticking I heard from the engine compartment. That eventually stopped, I turned the car off, turned it back to the On position, (no flashing or clicking this time), and I proceeded to pull the fault code 1216.

Does this sound like a classic throttle potentiometer fault? Would this sensor click that so loudly that I hear it from within the cabin? Anyway, I'm GUESSING that water got into it (thus the weather report earlier), thus causing it to go bad. Does anyone send me directions on how to replace this? I scrubbed the Internet but could not find it. Or, if you think this could be a different problem, please send ideas. Thanks!
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