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I bought a used 2010 plate BMW X1 1.8d sdrive (48k miles, 1 previous owner) in Feb 2017 at Evans Halshaw.
Since it's been bought, it's been in the garage 3 times.
1st time the EGR Valve needed replaced.
Within a week of getting it back it showed same Car on lift light and my Washer pump needed replaced.
Got it back again, within 2 days the car on lift light was back on.
Evans took my car in again then after a lot of fighting, me calling them never once them calling me with updates....Even sitting in their store demanding answers....17 days, yes 17 days later they inform me they found the found - They hadn't reset the ECU unit when they fitted the new EGR Valve...Picked up back up, 4 days later.....Yep this bloody light is back on!!
Start car, the light pops up for 10 seconds, then driving for 15mins it pops up again for approx. 20 seconds....Why idea what this is? It's starting to do my head in!
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