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Favorite driving stories

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How about a little change of pace from all the polls and problem threads..? Lets post our favorite stories about our car, whether it be a great road, racing an Audi, losing a cop, whatever. I don't have any yet, but after March 22nd, I'm sure I will..!


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Hey, I'll start :)

I was driving along the 5 during mad rush hour. First I saw a topaz blue 330Ci two lanes down from me. I think he saw me and switched lanes and followed me. I looked in my rearview mirror and saw a big grin on his face. Then maybe a few minutes later, a white 325Ci just got on the freeway and merged into our lane and started following us. He waved to us :) Then, waayy up yonder, there was a 5series that I caught a glimpse of so I started following him, and as soon as I did, the other 3ers came along with me. :thumb:

When we all caught up to the 5er, he noticed that we all happened to be bimmers so he smiled and started leading the pack. So now, there are 4 bimmers hanging out. We were following each other for a good 10 miles or so. We were in the right lane and so everytime someone wanted to merge, they either:

1) merged, and immediately went to another lane because, clearly, this was a BMW lane

2) waited for all 4 cars to pass before merging so as to not break up the pack of bimmers :D

Pretty funnny actually ;)

But slowly, the bunch started to part ways and each car took their respective exits :(

But that was a pretty cool drive during rush hour!
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I think it's cool that when I flash my brights, people actually move over for me. It never happened in any of my other cars, Explorer, Mustang, Escort, . . . .
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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