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Feeler: Stromung Custom Exhaust Group Buy for the e9x 328i (xi)

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Hi guys,

I have been absent for a while but got a new e91 manual all wheel drive wagon, awesome for sure. Only problem is that it doesnt sound like much and I LOVE the way my e30 sounds with the Stromung cat back system.

I contacted them this am, and talked to Scott who I have met several times when e30Motorwerks was still in business. He dosent have a system designed for the non-M series yet, but said if I can get a group buy going then we can have a cat-back system designed and built for our cars. This will be for the NA straight six, not the turbo based models.

I haven't received any numbers yet, but I would guess between 600-$900 for a full system. Any interest from others can reply in the thread and list which car you have. We should be able to accomodate both wagons, sedans, & coupes, as well as rear and all wheel drive systems.

This process may take some time, but will be very well worth it as their product is 100% US built and worth every penny.

Any questions fire away.

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1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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