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Hello my fellow E34 brothers!

I am here to propose and set-up an Official E34 Meet and Drive in Southern California. (since most big E34 meets are in the mid / east coast)

Theres nothing too fancy about it. Basically we`ll pick a good time and location according to the general consensus. Meet and greet everyone make new friends take pictures and go for a nice drive.

In order to be fair to everyone that would like to attend. I would like to make a master list of all the interested Socal members.

Write down your SN, Car description, location, and any suggestions for good spots around the LA/OC/SD area.

Here is the list as of 8/14/08

1. Offthewall - Turbocharged 1990 525i - Orange County I suggest meeting at the supercar sunday spot and driving down Malibu.

2. Filmy - 1995 540i/6 - West LA - no location suggestions. OC would be fine. Driving UP here to Malibu would be nice too.

3. tonyroc14- 94 540-meh-no location, malibu too far. but i wouldnt mind hitting up the beach

4. WAN - 535i/5 - Pomona - no location preference, "whatevers clever"

5. jgdynamics 93 525i SGV,CA

6. Billygoat777, 1990 535i, Clairemont, anywhere

7. E34 Life - Blacked out 525i - SFV

any suggestions would be appreciated!

Lets make it happen!

here is the main post.

ill keep everyone updated as this develops!
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