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Few issues...

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ok so, I was driving the other day home and 5 minutes before I got home, all 3 lights came on... abs, dsc and brake. the check engine light was already on as well.

One of the problems was a camshaft sensor in bank 2, bought and fixed that myself.
Went to my mechanic, said he was confused because the error was the rear right wheel's speed sensor, and said it was shot, but didn't understand why lights stayed on even though he cleared codes...
Also, for some reason whenever i fill the tank up full... the light comes on with a 00093 code i think, has to do somethin with the tank vent or cap? not to sure on that one because once it gets under half it goes away

But yeah, do the lights have to do with the ABS module? or with the speed sensor? The speed sensor should be coming in, in a few days, so hopefully can jump on that as soon as I get it.

Im also selling the car :( :dunno:
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thanks for the help guys! i can always rely on bimmer fest for help...
no but seriously
oh and I have to buy headlight adjusters but I'm not sure which ones are better the aluminum or the plastic... link me
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