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Fighting depression

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Ordered my first 3-series, and it's to arrive 4/18. I don't think I can go through with my order because I just bought a house!

I'm happy about the house, and I couldn't pass this up. I probably will wait until fall to get the car....

My first post ever and it's not good news....:dunno:
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look at it this way. at least in the fall when you do get your car you will have a house (i.e. garage) to detail it in. you will have a water connection and hose. some of us apt/condo dwellers have to find somewhere to wash and dont get me started on finding shady places to wax...
geomax said:
I'd take a house over a BMW any day....
That's why I got the Touring...when my wife wises up and realizes that I'm no good, I'll still have a place to live.:D
Be happy you get a house. The car will come later. Where did you buy?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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