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Well looked over the job they did replacing my sunroof cassette and not THAT bad. All the pieces look like they are back in there proper places with nothing misplaced or loose but... GDI, they made a mess!! :mad:

I just finished detailing my interior this weekend and might have to do it ALL over again this weekend. They left many stain marks on the headliner that I showed them and they agreed to clean it for me tomorrow. BACK to the dealer again!! They also replaced both my door seals, one of which was cracked right were the HACK said the door trim was rubbing against the seal. Driver door seems a little "harder" to close, but maybe just my imagination.

Thay also ran my VIN # while I was there to see if I was affected by the bad bushings in the front suspension. To my delight, I was not on the list. So now I have one more appointment with the local shop who installed my sways, to readjust them. They keep making this clunk noise every time I go over a bump. :mad:

Hey Hack, did you ever figure out the UUC clunk noise on Ben's car??

Ahhhh, the pride of ownership. :rolleyes:

Now I just want a nice free weekend to put on my new toys!! :thumb:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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