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Finest luxury sedan??

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Ok, I bumped into a banner on and was curious enough to click on it. I was surfed to and the first picture I see is a list of the most reputated luxury sedans in the market now. They did not list the new E65 7 and I am more than happy to help out. Here's the picture...Now you tell me that E65 is not the most distinctive and yet sporty luxury sedan out there!

Before you surf to the site, guess which company it is?

And my gosh! Look at Lexus and MB, they have basically the SAME side profile!!! :thumbdwn:
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Yeah I saw that ad too. JST-- Vince photo-shopped in the E65-- the ad originally only had the e38.

Got me curious about that AMCI company-- the company that LExus used to do the studies for this ad and who apparently validate advertising claims for all manufacturers including BMW. It would be cool to see some of the raw data from these studies- they sound more thorough than the stuff the regular public sees.

ACtually it would be cool if Consumer reports or this company or someone did a public- facing comparison where they actually ripped apart several cars and posted all of the data on the component durability, material quality, build quality. It seems like the only info the public gets on this stuff is subjective or just based on statistical warranty claims. But it would be cool to know for example whose engines are built the best, whose leather is actually the best, etc...
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