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Fire Extinguisher

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Next month, I'm going to be at a Mustang Club open track session in town and one of the required items is to have a fire extinguisher in your car. Although I'm not exactly angry, you could say that I'm a little put out that it's mandatory.

I picked up a $10 auto fire extinguisher at Wal Mart complete with mounting bracket, but my dilemma is where to put it. My Mustang contact said that I could just 'bungee' it in but that sounds risky. Has anyone either permanently or temporarily mounted a fire extinguisher in their car? The passenger side footwell seems to be the obvious choice, but I was hoping to find some pre-existing holes or somewhere out of the way.
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BMW sells a factory fire extinguisher :)
bungee doesn't sound like a bad idea. You should have some "hooking" options in the area where the first aid kit should be. (front of passenger seat :dunno: )
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