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Good day.


I had a cracked Valve cover, got a replacement valve cover. The Breather was leaking and the replacement is on it's way.

In the process of moving the vehicle I had a fire above the starter on the firewall / heat protection (see attached photos). I don't know what is behind the padding ( I assume it is called the firewall :cry:
View attachment 833627

There is also a sign of burning on the I assume it is the Heat Sensor

View attachment 833629

We killed the fire with water, which was the closest and could reach the more difficult firewall

Obviously, the Dashboard shows a big Yellow Warning sign.

The fire lasted for about 5 min

We disconnected the battery, and dismantled to see to the point that we are now

My questions are:

  1. Do I have to take off the covering of the firewall
  2. What could be damaged behind the firewall
  3. Is it the Engine heat sensor electrical fitting being damaged?
  4. Removal of starter for checkup
  5. Anything else to look for?

Kind regards

Jan van Niekerk
Souh Affrica:cry:
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