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First Bmw 535xi

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So I made a switch frim MB to Beamer now. Got my first bmw 08 535xi. I have been looking for the e60 m5 and ? 6. But I was tokd thst they drink a lot of oil and are very costly maintenance wise if yiu drive a lot. And I do drive a lot.
So got myself a 535 with 40k miles.

I was also told that the 535 and 335 were known for some problems. What do the folks here have to say about that? Any sleepless nights for you guys?
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Oh boy. BTW I was told the M's drink oil like anything.
I would say that they drink more gas than anything more so than oil. Hrm... V10 engine and "11 mpg city" Your pockets will hurt from the gas ;)

As a very "spirited" driver, the last thing in the world I would want would be for my license plate to be more clearly visible at night.
got that right :thumbup: find me a .5 watt bulb lol
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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