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So I made a switch frim MB to Beamer now. Got my first bmw 08 535xi. I have been looking for the e60 m5 and ? 6. But I was tokd thst they drink a lot of oil and are very costly maintenance wise if yiu drive a lot. And I do drive a lot.
So got myself a 535 with 40k miles.

I was also told that the 535 and 335 were known for some problems. What do the folks here have to say about that? Any sleepless nights for you guys?
Congrats on your new ride. There are a few issues but then what high performance sedan doesnt have issues. The major ones are covered by bmwna, like the hpfp which is covered for 10yrs or 120k miles. With the oil thing I've yet had to add oil and I drive 90 miles everyday for work. I've had my car since April and I'm extremely happy with the car, especially after doing the Cobb ap and upgrading my wheels and tires.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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