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First Bmw 535xi

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So I made a switch frim MB to Beamer now. Got my first bmw 08 535xi. I have been looking for the e60 m5 and ? 6. But I was tokd thst they drink a lot of oil and are very costly maintenance wise if yiu drive a lot. And I do drive a lot.
So got myself a 535 with 40k miles.

I was also told that the 535 and 335 were known for some problems. What do the folks here have to say about that? Any sleepless nights for you guys?
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I just traded in my 2008 535xi - what an awesome car. I went back to a Z4 - but I'll tell you, the E60 was/is a great car. I had no problems (except for mice munching on some wires 2 years ago).

I did a couple of mods - I added the M Aero kit which was my favorite mod. I also did the shadow line mod (replaced chrome window trim with black - plus the built in radar/laser system.

The car is a beast in the snow. I went with Dunlop snow tires - and it was unstoppable.
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