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Into the dark ages
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First BMW-Rolls-Royce
breaks down
Now the English have something to
laugh about

First BMW Rolls Royce
breaks down on test drive

The first Rolls-Royce to be made by new
owners BMW has broken down while on a
test drive in Germany.

The car was painted battleship grey for the
test and had to be towed 100 miles to

The firm said the car's fan belt had snapped.

The vehicle sent to tow the stranded Rolls
was itself reported to have been BMW's
secret X3 four-wheel drive

The £200,000 Rolls is capable of 150mph
and is due in showrooms in January.

The Sun quotes the German newspaper Bild
saying: "Now the English really have
something to laugh at."

Into the dark ages
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why a VW? we shouldn't set our expectations so low. :)

Mystikal said:
Oh please, how many prototypes must break down? Isn't that the point of the testing, to show possible weaknesses? And show me one english car that is more reliable than a VW and I'll shutup.
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