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First non-performance modifications to a 2002 325iT(very long)

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The car:
2002 325iT
Steel Gray Metallic and black leatherette/Ti
Sport Package

Mod 1:

My biggest complaint with the wagon is the brake lever, which is
good I guess since it is minor. It came with this cheap plastic one and for some reason it just bugged me. The plastic felt like it doesn't even belong in a Hyundai let alone a $30k plus car. My other car is a Audi A4 so I am sort of spoiled with a well built interior. Anyways I noticed that some 3 series come with a nice black leather one, not sure if it comes with the leather package
or the 3.0 liter engine.

The part number for the leather one I found on the net is 34 41 1 164 489, list price of $57.50.

I was lucky and found someone on the net who replaced his with a aftermarket one so I bought his used one at a good price. He told me it was glued on and he just wiggled it off. I got it in the mail and proceeded to install it.

I don't know how he wiggled it off because my plastic one wouldn't budge. I tried to be careful at the beginning but eventually got pissed and just brute forced it off with pliers. I basically destroyed it but I wasn't planning on reusing it anyways. At first I tried sliding on the leather handle to see how it fit and it got promptly stuck about half way on. I decided to force it the rest of the way on, BIG MISTAKE. The further I pushed on , the tougher it got to move. Eventually I had to put a sock over it and hammer it on. It probably took 20 minutes of slamming it with a hammer before I got it all the way on. Amazingly using the hammer on it did no visible damage and it looks/feels great.

From installing grips on a mountain bike numerous time I would recommend using hairspray to install it. Just spray it on the brake lever and it should allow it to slide on easier.

Mod 2:

No front plate. On the wagon and sedan there is a black strip on the front that contains the license plate frame and can be replaced with a strip with no license plate frame. No front plate gives the car a nice clean look, IMHO. Seems very simple but the biggest problem was finding the part number. Since the front end of the sedan and wagon changed for 2002 there was a lot of confusion on what the proper part is. I was told 2 different part numbers:

51 11 8 195 304

// This was the 2001 and earlier part number, some people said this is the correct one. I had doubts since the front end changed. I talked to Circle and they stated that people had tried this part and it did not fit properly. So I didnt order it.

51 11 7 030 611

//This seemed to be the new part number for 2002. I guess the BMW parts program that dealer use show a picture of the euro-plate holder when you bring up this part number. So a lot of people assumed it was for that, even circle told me that. I called up Cutter motors and I think I talked to Dan. He assured me this was the correct part. I ordered it and it arrived a few days later, perfect fit and installation.


51 11 7 030 611

// CORRECT PART # FOR 2002 325iT AND WOULD GUESS SEDAN TOO. I looked at my coworkers 2002 330i w/sport and it looks the same.

51 11 8 195 304