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chazzy said:
GIAC should be working on one for about $500. Very good history of chips. Contact Gary on Roadfly for more information.
Bring em on!

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Autothority - $2500 18hp 24 ft/lb

Don't know who was first, Autothority has had an S54 mod for a while also... but,

$800 for 13 hp and 10 ft/lb ( ~ $60 / hp) - ASE


$2500 for 18hp and 24 ft/lb ($140 / hp) - Autothority

Hmm, neither seems like a bargin considering the gains, and one seems much less a bargin than the other. :confused:

I would say that the 24 ft/lb torque gain from the Autothority mod is likely something you'd notice (almost a 10% gain), while I would question if anyone would truely notice a 10 ft/lb gain.

Would be nice to have that higher rev limit though...

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