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First Track Day!!!

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NY BMWCCA @ Pocono North course. Man What a blast!:D
the New York chapter will also be holding its second autocross event May 4 at Nassau Coliseum so if you are in the area come down and flog that Bimmer!
info here:


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more pix


Awesome pic

Would be interested to hear more details of your experience. :D



sorry can't stop....





What kind of tape did you use on the front of your car when you took it to the track?
I believe this is "Racer's Tape" - basically low-tack duct tape, available in a variety of eye-catching colors! IOPort and HMS carry it, among others. The alternative is high quality "contractors" masking tape - it's blue masking tape (3m). You can buy it at any lowes, etc.
That's correct, It's racers tape. the basic colors are cheaper that the blue painter's tape. The dayglo colors (yellow, green and orange) are twice as expensive. They also make a checkerboard tape.

AC, will you be running with the SCDA at the Glen Next Monday and Tuesday?

How 'bout Genesee Valley on 5/18- 5/19 and 6/10 - 6/11?

If you are going to attend one of those schools, perhaps I wil meet you there.

Look for a rollbar-ed, Recaro-d Silver 1.9.

Im looking at running at Pocono with the PDA sometime this year.


Visit my web site and click on the multimedia section to find some videos I made from runs at Lime Roack and Watkins Glen.
Hmmm, I'll have to look into some of those dates, for now I plan (if I can get in) to do 3 days at the Glen in July with the Delaware BMWCCA. In the meantime I have a busy AutoX schedule with SCCA, NASA and BMWCCA....

BTW your Watkins Glen video is great! Great editing (I have 10+years cutting experience myself...). I also use a D1 but I admmit that I was way too excited about the driving to taking good shots.

How did you like dealing with HMS? I'm considering making an appointment and driving up from NYC to get the harnessbar and belts installed. I would love to learn about the effects of the various suspension and chassis mods you did on your car.


1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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