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Just some thoughts on our first week of ownership of our x7.

We ended up getting the mineral white x7 with 22 inch Y wheels with second row captains chairs.a great looking vehicle for sure.
I was hoping for more leg room in the second row than our existing x5. Doesnt seem like that's the case. Kids are in boosters so feet aren't touching the floor. I actually feel that with there legs dangling from booster height there may be less room. Cant be certain, but I felt that the x5 they weren't kicking the back of the seat as much.

Also realized you cannot fold the second row down flat and ONLY use the 3rd row. My thought process was having 1 kid in the 3rd row and having the 2nd row in front of him down flat, as an ottoman....and my daughter in the 2nd row during long trips so I dont get an earful of "hes touching me" or "stay on your side". Would have made my life more pleasant but I dont think this is possible unless I'm missing something.

I hope my wife learns to use the ample cameras available so I'm not fixing scratched rims all the time. This would be ideal, but I don't see it happening.

I feel the gauges and information in front of the steering wheel are too much. Again, a personal thought coming from a 2017 x5. I'm sure we'll get used to it...not a big deal.

For the life of me getting to know all the seat controls are a PIA. 2nd and 3rd row functions are not intuitive. Pull the button...push the button...all rows including driver and passenger seats move up regardless of someone sitting in them.

Already got to witness the,,not sure what u call it,, steering wheel pulling me back into my lane as I was trying to switch lanes because the driver next to me was also switching in that lane. That was nice.

Turned off gesture control, hate it. But still, as I move my hand toward the screen it does something reactionary as if it's trying to read my hand.

Glass controls are worth it sets the car apart, and different from most every vehicle out there. This was oddly the most common compliment we've received so far.

Black center console integrated buttons love fingerprint...I usually keep a microfiber towel or 2 in the car for this and my kids shoe prints on the seat backs.

Just some quick observations. Great vehicle and I'm sure we'll love it for a long time
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