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Flash tune Vs Jb4

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Hello Everyone,

I'm in the process of installing a Full Bolt On (DP+CP+Air-Intake+Intercooler) on my 2014 BMW 535i xDrive. The car has only 32 thousand miles so I'm planing to keep it for some time and It's already out of warranty.

My question is regards to the piggyback Vs an actual tune, which one will be better and also might support a future upgrade such as a meth kit?

I was leaning towards a JB4 but it seems like they canceled their fault code auto delete option (CEL) so I might just user a spacer and hope it will work or just do a tune that will fix the CEL.

If there are any BMW tune shops you recommend in (NJ,VA,MD,DC) Please let me know.

**Current Available pump fuel is Octane 93 and I'll be moving in couple of months where 95 is sold**

Any advices from experience? especially flash tune recommendations ;)
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Why do you want to remove your CEL in such a ghetto fashion? Get a flash tune. Much better.
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