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Flat tire carrier

2013 5
Has anybody used the rear tow hook hole as a starting point to make a flat tire carrier. What I am thinking about is something like a bike carrier that connects to a trailer hitch. Any comments would appreciated.
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Your question reminds me of the aftermarket 1950's Ford continental spare tire kit used on Crown Vics and T-Birds.

You could be the first with one for a Z3. ;-)

Good Luck with your version.

Alan Alfano
88 325iX
I don't believe I've seen one . . .

I have seen an M Coupe with a trailer hitch - the guy was pulling a small trailer with his track tires and tool box. :)

Hmmm . . . the rear tow hook hole. The car side should be pretty strong. Don't know how much weight laterally that size bolt could safely hold.

Any Mech. Engineers out there with a spec book? :dunno:
Ed Scuba made one using the tow hook socket.
He may have even offered the plans for it on Roadfly.
I have made a few..........

Was going to be a DIY project that I would publish for all to see but was scared by warnings of lawsuits. I have asked others about manufacturing it but no takers. My model works very well and it is small enough to fit in the spare tire well. It is not pretty and rather simple but works great. Email me for more info. Need a welding machine and some other simple tools, will cost approx. $35.00 if you can get small quanity of materials. Largest expense of material is BMW tow hook $20.00. Contact me if you need info or see me at Homecoming for demostration.
Welcome to Bimmerfest Ed . . .

Seen a lot of your posts on .org :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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