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I was driving from CT to Maine this weekend, and a pickup truck ahead of me on the interstate was leaking some debris.

I swerved and evaded most of the major objects, but upon arrival, I realized something had bounced on the road, taken out my left foglight (if facing the front of the car), as well as the entire foglight assembly and wiring.

Now, if it was just the light casing that was cracked or damaged, I'd just order a new one, I see they are ~$90 @ Pelican Parts. However, the whole casing is gone and I am left with torn wiring.

It's a 1998 540, so the bumper is that style... should I take the opportunity to update the bumper, or do you think this could be fixed cheaply?

I've attached some pictures.

Also, no comments about needing a car wash, I was drove through CT, MA, NH, and ME in Feb. nuff said ;)


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