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Follow-up to Clutch Problem

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Well, like clockwork, the clutch pedal notch was there this morning and I drove it 20 miles to the dealer because I had to pick up my S-03's from my previous car and license plates. By the time I got there, the symptom was gone completely.

What I did note was that this notch was present with the car both on and off. I moved the key to the "on" position without ignition and pressed on the clutch and there was no notch, but a faint clicking coming from the pedal just as Hack had described in another post regarding the safety lockout when starting the car in gear, etc...

The notch was completely gone!

The service master tech kept the car to cool it down and try to reproduce the problem. I'll pick it up later to see what they did.

Doubt they'll "reproduce" anything". They did rent me a car though. I also saw my old 330i sitting at the lot prepped and ready for sale. God knows if they fixed anything on it since I traded it in. Sorry for the person who buys that car. Didn't check to see the selling price. I figure 01 330i loaded nicely with 13,000 miles should sticker for around 35-36k with CPO.