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FOR SALE 1983 733i

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It's not mint, has sat for about 6 years I think, owned it for 13. Everything is original and the one thing that did get replaced (driver's side door handle) was from the same model at a scrap yard. It's been stored inside so no rust and all the glass is fine as well as the interior. Only 195 000 km's. Paint is scratched and there are some small dents from the garage being used for storage. We put new tires on it before it was parked... Please somebody take it. It saddens me but we desperately need the money and the space... I'll take car audio plus cash even (sub(s) in box and amp). $800 O.B.O.
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I realize your post is old but thought I would ask if your 733i is still for sale since the post is still up. Let me know if your car is still for sale and if it is, if it's an automatic or a manual. Thank you.
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