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For sale: Brand new BMW 540 VF Engineering supercharger

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New in box VF Engineering supercharger for 96-98 M62 engine/M5.2 ECU. Selling because I have added too many other projects since I bought this. Someone needs to enjoy it. VF Engineering website has all the details.

Asking $4500
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Will this work on a 840ci m60? Also, I'm in California with super strict emissions, so i'm wondering will this give me any trouble when comes time for a smog check?
Ask the DMV if the blower is certified.
I asked Abe at VF Eng. I'll let you know what he says.
I'm in Cali now. I doubt it is CARB compliant here. Most vendors will say as much on their website if it is or is not CARB compliant for California. I hate it. I want to swap headers on my Cayman and cannot (legally). Anything that impacts emissions in Cali is basically illegal. If I am wrong about the SC, that would be surprising and great!!!
Just got this reply from VF:

We do not offer an 840 spec kit or the software for it. We have noted some enthusiasts have custom modified our brackets to fit this kit in the 840 but I don***8217;t have any more info.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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