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Good Morning everyone(well it's morning here in Hawaii),

My 2007 E90 335i shuddered to a start yesterday morning, after the "Fuel Pump Fairy" did her dirty deed.
As we all know, this has been one of the main issues on the forum but for those people who have been keeping track, here are some facts:

7200 miles on the odometer
October 2006 build from Regensburg Germany
European Delivery
Two Weeks lead time on the new Fuel Pump and I have X3 to drive until then.

I didn't begin this thread to get sympathy from everyone(even though those comments are fine)or beat a
. But to ask guidance and knowledge from those who have had this or similar issues with their BMW. Those questions are follows:

Did anyone get goodies for their fuel pump issue?
How did you ask for those goodies, i.e. BMWNA or directly with the dealership?

I appreciate everyones
and guidance with the situation. Thanks.
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