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For those of you who have been to Lauterbrunnen

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I need some advice. We are staying one more night here and the weather forecast calls for more rain and snow. Unfortunately, the visibility is very poor at the top of the cable cars so we opted not to buy the passes to the top. What else should we be doing before we leave to Lake Como tomorrow. Today we viewed the underground falls and toured the cities around the lakes. We are scheduled to go through the alps in 3 days and if there is snow I am sure my summer tires aren't going to make it so we may have to re-route to get to Salzburg from Lake Como.

Having a great time even if the weather isn't cooperating!
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What a bummer. I'm sorry that the weather is so bad. Tomorrow's forecast for Lauterbrunnen is warmer (56F) but still raining. I would leave early tomorrow for Lake Como. Take tunnels instead of passes where you can. The weather on the Italian side should be beautiful but, in fact, is only slightly better. Accuweather forecasts periods of rain tomorrow in Bellagio but at least the temperature should be about 70F with Sunday's weather being a little better.
Thanks for advice we headed out early with a stop at Grindelwald. It was beautiful and we headed to Lake Como only to be turned around at Susten Pass cause it was closed. We had to go over Furka and one other pass which I don't remember the name of, but it was one of the smallest roads I have seen and it was snowing quite heavily. We made it no problem and looking forward to sunnier weather at Lake Como.
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