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For Those That Upgraded to 18" Rims....

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I have a 330Ci with the sports package (17" M68s), and I'm thinking of upgrading to 18" Style 71 rims, but I don't want to have any stiffer or "harsher" of a ride than I already have. I'm sure you love the way your larger rims look, but do you have any regrets about the effect on your ride quality? Did you experience a noticeable difference in ride quality upgrading to 18" rims?

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PhilH said:
The ride is almost identical, with only a tiny bit more shock through the steering wheel on very sharp impacts. Seriously, other than that, the ride is the same.

The handling is also just about the same, with maybe some crisper turn in with the 18s due to the shorter sidewall. These days it's night and day on the handling, since the 17s have winter tires, but I did have summers on the 17s before.

The biggest difference for me is some extra tramlining on the highway with the 18s. It really takes just a little bit more concentration to keep the car pointed in the right direction on many even slightly rutted highways.

Of course, people always say the 18s weigh more, but the M72s are pretty light by 18" wheel standards. I weighed my front M72s with Pilot Sports at 46 lbs whereas my front M68s with Conti Sports were 45 lbs. Except for the extra weight at the edge of the wheel/tire that may slow acceleration by maybe 0.1 seconds, I don't see much problem here (except when I'm at an autocross...and my driving is the biggest thing holding me back there anyway).

Overall, I think the tradeoffs are worth it for the better looks of the 18s.
God this is my dilemma.... oh how I love these 17" M68's and the way they look.... I just can't make myself get raped by selling them and get raped to the tune of $2700.00 for shiny new 18" Style 71s w/dunlops.... I like the 71s but the m68's have just grown on me :eek:
Thanks PhilH...always giving me good advice.
I upgraded to 18s on my coupe. I did notice a stiffer and harsher ride. But I kinda like that.
I love the M68's. The only way I would put on something else is for a better performing wheel, like the BBS RGR or something similar. Otherwise in terms of looks & strength without being overly heavy the M68's are very nice.
You can't lose either way

18's look great, ride very nicely too. But if you like yhour 17's then I'd say keep them. They look great too. Simple and modern. You can't lose either way.

Drive fast.

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