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For those who purchased Marco's In-n-Out detail spray

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What have your results been?

I used it on both my car, the BMW, and my Wife's Benz. Both sets of wheels still seemed to get loaded with brake dust, and it didn't seem to come off any eaiser....

What did you experience?
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Thanks for the write up. I guess I thought it would repel the brake dust and keep the wheels looking cleaner longer...

Regarding wheel cleaners and rusting rotors. I was using the Meguires wheel cleaner and switched to Griot's Garage wheel cleaner. Seems like I would use less cleaner, get better results and the rotors had minimal rust.

I also noticed the shine on the wheels was knocked down when I used the detail spray. I'll keep using it, but wanted to see what everyone else's experience was.

See ya

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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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