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For those who purchased Marco's In-n-Out detail spray

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What have your results been?

I used it on both my car, the BMW, and my Wife's Benz. Both sets of wheels still seemed to get loaded with brake dust, and it didn't seem to come off any eaiser....

What did you experience?
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I have used it for the last two weeks (daily when I clean them) and even did one side and not the other and then switched sides (in case I brake more while turning one way than the other) to test how it was working.

I don't remember Marco claiming that the spray would repel brake dust. In fact, in my experience a sprayed wheel will actually collect a little more dust than an unsprayed one. But the dust slides right off on a sprayed wheel. In fact, when I use it in conjunction with the Meguiar's wheel cleaner I bought, I don't even have to touch the wheels to get the dirt off except to dry them (and then again to get the rust that sheds off the rotors after I drive it 300 feet :mad: ). But in-between washes I use either Meguiar's detail spray or Zaino detail spray and they wipe clean quite easily. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that I clean them daily?

If I spray a wheel heavily, it seems to collect substantially more dust than an unsprayed wheel. If I spray it really light (maybe 2 seconds a wheel or so) it works great. Maybe you could try misting each wheel lightly next time and see what happens. :dunno:

I haven't had the spray in a few days - I think I left it outside of my garage and somebody threw it away or something. I need to go back and get some more!

As an aside, I have found that the spray does mask some of the gloss on the wheels and gives them a 'soft' look instead of shiney. I wouldn't use it if I were showing my car.

My two cents. :D

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Thanks for the info on the wheel cleaner Chip.

I'm now stuck with 4 gallons (1 gallon of 4:1 concentrate) of the Meguiars cleaner, but I try Griot's after I'm through this stuff.

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