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Typically when getting carbon fiber added to an M4 the owners chose either traditional 2×2 carbon fiber or they wait the extra time to go with the forged carbon. However with the owner of this M4, he went with the best of both worlds!

Forged carbon and traditional 2×2 carbon have the same properties but just look different. You can tell the difference because the 2×2 is a pattern while the forged is almost a marbled look.

This M4 went with the 3D Style Forged Carbon Rear Diffuser, Traditional RWS Side Skirts, Traditional RWS Front Lip, and the Traditional CS Spoiler. All of these pieces in either forged carbon or traditional carbon made for an awesome looking ride.

The diffuser really stood out the most simply because of the marbled pattern having to do with the forged carbon. This was complimented by the CS Spoiler finishing off the back end of the vehicle.

The side profile was enhanced with our aggressive RW Signature Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Extensions. These extensions similar to those of the F80 feature a wing on the back to help with shaping.

Lastly the traditional RW Signature Carbon Fiber Front Lip. This lip has been growing within the community for quite some time. This lip is a RW signature special which means it is designed in Southern California.

Whether it is forged carbon or traditional carbon, RW is your one stop shop for carbon fiber goodies. If any questions arise, please feel free to email us at [email protected]

Email:[email protected]
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