By now you've heard pundits talk about the upcoming 4 Series' design and you've no doubt had a thought or two yourself. But now, let's hear what a former BMW designer has to say about the car.

Frank Stephenson, as the title of the video suggests, designed the original X5 and you may have seen some of his design critique videos bopping around the internet. This week, he casts his eye on the 2021 4 Series and he has some thoughts.

Stephenson is neither overwhelmingly negative nor positive. Overall he says he like the design, but has some beef with a few of the decisions BMW made.

Decisions like stretching out the Hoffmeister kink beyond recognition. The Hoffmeister kink is the little design flourish on the rear window of many BMWs that has been around since the 3200 CS in 1961. The kink see the outline of the rear window angled forward near the bottom rear of the design. It's a little hard to conceive of in words alone, but Stephenson does a good job of pointing out the design feature and its history.

While he commends BMW for trying some new things in the design of the 4 Series, he says he'd rather see a historic design element like that one stay on the car.
As for the biggest bone of contention on the 4 Series, Stephenson struggles to think of something to positive to say about it. Not wanting to attack BMW for trying something new, he concedes that it's out of proportion with the rest of the car nor does it go well with the shapes that are surrounding it.

"I can understand-you know-trying to make a statement, but there's a certain sense of refinement that you have to bring in when you do something like this," he says. "The car is beautiful, a lot of the design is very well done on this vehicle, and they've taken and ruined, I think, the front look of this car with such a graphic that doesn't look-I'm not even sure if BMW designed this. I think it might have come from-I don't know where it came from. It's very difficult to understand how you could put a grille so different to the rest of the car on it with the intention of obviously creating a very characteristic element, but it's just I think unrefined."

So he's not a fan, then.