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Forza and the Nürburgring

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I know the Nürburgring is a tough course and I have driven it in Forza over 20 times so far. I am wondering if anyone who has actually driven the Nürburgring has since tried the track in Forza (or Vice Versa, but the game is pretty new) and could do a comparison.

Also, do you think that with enough "track time" in Forza, I would be able to drive the real Nürburgring efficiently during my ED in July?
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Dawg90 said:
I just tried the Ring in Forza, in the M3 GTR, and I got a 9:42 laptime, whoohoo!! :) I thought maybe I got lost on the track, that's like a Toyota Camry laptime or something.
I tried the Ring last night for the first time in the Porsche 911 GT3, and I clocked a 10:33 :(
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