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found microfiber towels at a store in the east bay

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I saw the three pack of Viper towels at monument car parts in san ramon california for $16.95 that's a few more dollars than the online price but they do also carry 303 aerospace protectant for $9.95 / 16oz and $15.99 / 32oz.
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Majority of microfiber towels I have shed fibers. Nothing worse than finishing washing car and finding these fibers. Do these towels shed? Assume good quality and do not scratch?
Thank you:thumbup:
They call this linting meaning that small amount of fibers on the surface. On the paint its not a super big deal but on glass it is.

Best thing is buy good quality towels with stitched boarders. They last a long time so there is no reason to buy cheap
I do not buy cheap towels. Have around 60 varies types. A year or more ago they started linting (shedding fibers). Thought this might be due to longevity. As they linted I threw them away. Then tried boiling them as suggested on another forum. Didn't help. Bought new ones on line and even they linted. The waffle weave drying towels even linted. Tried microfiber polishing towels and they lint. On a black car it is terrible ( on glass and body).

Can anyone recommend a microfiber that does not shed? Thank you
How are you washing and drying the towels that might be your problem.

While I am detailing cars I have a 5 gallon buck with water and a cap or two of APC to let them soak in. The APC helped to release any product in the towels. Then I wash in hot water and either air dry or in the dryer on low heat. MF do not react well to hot air drying, that can cause linting.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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