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So I was washing the Z4MC today and discovered something that amazed me...

I'm no mechanic at all, but I know how to spot a loose bolt or two. While washing it I noticed the front brake air intake thingymajiggers... you know, the little ducts on the front bumper that bring air to the brake area on the front wheels... whats the proper word for those? Well I noticed BOTH of them were loose. Loose enough to wobble and flap around in the wind!

Upon closer inspection, I figured out how it is meant to be attached; there's two plastic latches on the top of it that go into metal bars hidden in the bumper, and theres an insert tab and twist plastic thing in the wheel well to hold onto them from the back. On both of the ducts the back part was attached properly, but neither of the two latches were anywhere near the metal bars they go into.

Here just look at this video:

Upon even further investigation I noticed the left one was sticking so far back that when the wheels are turned to full right lock the left tire does indeed rub very very slightly against it! It's interesting to note that the right side does not stick backwards like the left one and does not rub the tire. So that is the reason I got a strange noise only when going over bumps while simultaniously turning right!! :eeps: Now I'm wondering if having driven with the part loose may have bent the plastic bits on the left one enough for the wheel to rub.

Anyways it's going into service tomorrow for a different reason, so I guess I'll see what they have to say about this. :thumbup:
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