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Okay... replacement foxwell 510 came. So far no smoke has leaked out if it. Also installed bimmergeek tool kit (dont have an available laptop large enough to run ista)...

Impressions are that I can see a use for both. Foxwell is easy to use and a quick way to check codes etc. Obviously doesnt have the diagnostic capabilities of tool kit.

As a funny side note, dealer claimed to have checked and cleared all codes - I scanned it and it had dozens of historical codes so I cleared them all but a specific one. It had to go back few days after parts came in. I asked them to again confirm they had read and cleared all codes. They were super bitchy about me double checking on them re codes. They angrily wrote "scanned and cleared all codes" on the final invoice.

I scanned it when I got back home and had the same single specific code left in memory. In other words they never scanned or cleared anything, ever.
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