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E36 interior 325IS coupe

I just changed my interior from Beige to Black and have some misc. parts if anyone is interested in picking them up.They are on my lawn and will be in a land fill soon if no one wants it. One catch , take it all or none. There is the dash pad , center console surround pad,door pilliars. ETC. alot of misc stuff.
I also have 2 front seats in ok(at best) condition with the rear seats and arm pads.(these are in storage and can be picked up or left there.If you have any questions just e-mail me and I'll try to answer as best i can.

I dont want to get into shipping this stuff so please just come and get it all.

The next thing , There are NO door panels, they were all junk, thats why i cnaged the interior.
E-mail me as i dont check this every day,but i do my E-mail.
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