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Free M package to come?

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Just read a thread that BMW is offering a no cost M package incentive on all 2013 7 series - but only for leases, not purchases which is strange in itself. But very good news that they are offering large discounts so early in the new model year. BMW site confirms the offer. Just hoping they will offer this soon for the 6er as well !
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Just heard that about the 7-Series, too. Not a bad incentive.
Does the 7er get an improved exhaust, or is it purely aesthetic (wheels, shadowline, steering wheel, front/rear fascia, etc.)? That could potentially contribute to the "free" offer.

Also, could they be doing this to increase the number of M Sports available in three years to sell as CPO, which might help move those cars?

I have no idea. Seems less likely to happen on the 6 since it's a pretty popular, big ticket item... But what do I know - I would've bet money that the 2013 wouldn't get the GC's engine, and we all know how that turned out....
On the 7er, I think it's purely cosmetic.
Looks like the 7 M package is everything the 6 gets except the exhaust. And IMO none of the items items in the M packages cost BMW that much. I mean the M steering wheel & shadowline trim probably cost about the same as the non M items. Even the Aero kit is not a big ticket item. Or the exhaust for that matter, just a different tuning. ( And the wheels are a extra cost option as with the 6) The headliner would be a liitle more. I think it's mostly profit, so kind of easy to give away for a incentive?
What.....No Exhaust package on a M Sport.

I guess I can see it. Maybe since the average 7'er buyer wants chushy over sport anyway. :dunno:
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