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Update on project FreeMW.

First off, thanks to all of the replies on my initial post around the holidays. I've spent the last few months trying to read through posts related to the issues with my car. I now have a few questions hopefully some of you can shed light on.

#1: I did invest in a Foxwell NT510 scanner so I could at least start to make some sense of what's gong on. I will probably invest in a cable and laptop program at some point to deal with the CCC/CIC issue.

#2: I did install a new battery (Federated Autoparts Import Gold) 95R-775 850CCA. This was a direct replacement for what was in there. Luckily, I got it under warranty so I didn't have to shell out $211.49. I hooked up the Foxwell and registered it to the car. Side note: since I've been working on the car and not driving it, I leave the battery cables disconnected to prevent any possible battery drain.

I recently got to spend a little time with the scanner hooked up and, to my surprise, only had two codes. I had more on the initial scan, but most of them cleared...I'm guessing that they were generated by low battery voltage/disconnected battery.

The first code (and the reason I can't pass the state inspection) was the 93F9: SGM-SIM control unit fault. The airbag and seat belt lights are still on. If I can get those to go away, I can at least get on the road :thumbup:

The other one was 9CBD: Communication with SMC, right, disrupted.

Some additional information that I learned after contacting the previous owner:

He hit a deer (on the R/H side) and had a new headlight installed. Also the reason for the crinkled sheet metal on the lip of the hood. The drivers side headlight lens is pretty cloudy so I will attempt to clean it up following advise on the subject that I've read in this forum.

In regards to the 93F9 code: I have read many posts. Somewhere I read that the SGM module will lock faults and they must be cleared in the module itself.

How is this done?
Can it be done with the Foxwell?
Did the deer somehow manage put this code in there?

When I talked to the previous owner since my initial post, I learned that he drove the car after having the CCC system removed for about 2 years before the airbag/seatbelt lights came on. I don't know if this was before or after he hit the deer. If anyone in the VT area sees a deer with a smudge of Black Sapphire Metallic (475), let me know....I have a few questions for it.

As for the CCC issue:

Since the previous owner said that he drove the car for 2 years after having the CCC unit removed (without any restraint lights) it is possible for the car to operate without this system (for anyone thinking of doing this). I could care less about having the NAV system operational, but it sure would be nice to be able to access engine information (like oil level etc).

I think that I'd like to try to get the individual CCC/CIC components, install and code them. I did get on realoem and try to look up the P.N's. Of course, this was originally equipped with a CCC system. What I haven't been able to decipher is the CIC equivalent P.N.s that would work with this car. I have seen many posts on the subject, but not sure if the information is relevant to my particular application. At some point, I might like some help with this.

Until then....
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