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FRM Module / Footwell Failure

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Hi:bawling:, my BMW x1 ,is attacked by a Rodent and it cut the wires, but it was running fine i had only having warning lights on Water Level and A/C. After correcting the issue at the garage then the headlight turned on and windows and indicators not working.

They said the FRM is fried, they said that they have fixed the wires but somehow it got fried, I m now planning to buy a used FRM since it doest need programming, How do i know the cables are fine and no short-circuit is presented in the vehicle. How come the FRM fried!

Please advice.
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BMW hating this a big problem in India?

I can't speculate why your FRM fried, or if current wiring is correct. Assuming both are true though, why do you think a replacement FRM (new or used) won't need Programming?
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