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FRM2 to FRM3 - NCS Expert HELP!?

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Hi there, new to the forums and would appreciate some help!

I have a 2010 MY e70 that I've done some coding with, however, I cannot access my FRM module in NCS Expert. The other day it was in the shop for an unrelated issue and I asked the mechanic to use his AutoLogic to try to read the FRM. It noted a mismatch, saying it expected an FRM2 but instead sees an FRM3. Ah - makes sense. I think BMW or someone replaced the FRM2 module before I bought the car (I think they had a recall at some point) with an FRM3 without doing something properly.

In NCS expert, I get a COAPI error - it's trying to use the "FRM2_E70.C08" file, but I think it needs to be using the "FRM3_E7X.C31 or .C32" file. How do I tell NCS Expect to use one of these files instead? I simply want my mirrors to fold when I lock the doors via keyfob.

Any help is appreciated!
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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