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From a keystroke to a car. Khuzud's new 330i is here...

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The first Steel Blue / Natural Brown one I've ever seen.
Looks awesome!!




Have a great delivery tomorrow!!!

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Say Jon!

Wow. Steel Blue and Natural Brown leather. Beautiful! If I were to get a leather car this is exactly how I would do it! Maybe I'll drop by in a couple of years for a 330i like this one. (Can we get natural brown cloth?? :) :) :) )
To Jon S. !!!!

I notice that the BMWNA web site will not let you build a 330i with
Steel Blue and natural brown leather. It seems to be one of several color combinations not allowed. Is this a problem on the Web site, or another example of your magical powers at getting customers unusual combinations? :thumb:
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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