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From a keystroke to a car. Khuzud's new 330i is here...

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The first Steel Blue / Natural Brown one I've ever seen.
Looks awesome!!




Have a great delivery tomorrow!!!

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Hmm, I was going to post my pics, but I see Jon beat me to it :rolleyes:

The color combo looks even better in person than I hoped it would. And the drive home was great. I just kept wondering why everyone else was suddenly driving so slowly.

I know everyone here complains about the wait after ordering, but for me, it passed in a flash. Franco called me Friday with "Your car is here" and I was like, "Uhh... I haven't even bought my Zaino yet."

The whole pick-up experience was very nice. Thanks again Jon, and Franco. I'll see you at Bimmerfest.
Dan said:
Jon and Khuzud: very attractive color combination - I am quickly becoming a natural brown fan! Is this a color combo that has to be special ordered? The 2002 brochure indicates that the nat. brown interior is not available with steel blue. What's the deal?
When I was shopping around all the dealers said I could order any color combo I wanted. I'm not sure why the brochure (and the web site) only lists certain ones as available.

However , I ordered Steel Blue/Nat Brown in part because it's different (and BMW Individual seems to be too much of a hassle). I call dibs on Los Angeles. If you want to order your own Steel Blue/Nat Brown, you'll have to live somewhere else. Preferably somewhere far away :D
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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